October 21, 2014

Due to a leaking transformer bushing, EFL needs to urgently carry out maintenance works in Vatuwaqa. In order to carry out this maintenance in Vatuwaqa, EFL will de-energise power supply to certain areas to allow for these maintenance works to be carried out.


This unplanned power shutdown is scheduled to be undertaken from 12:00pm along Fletcher Road and works are anticipated to be completed by 4:30pm.


Areas that would be affected as a result of this maintenance works are:

Part of Fletcher Road from the junction of Karsanji Raod to the junction of Khemindra Street and Daya Street including Marist Champagnat Institute, Fiji School for the Blind, Whole of Kaunitoni Street, Whole of Benau Street, Whole of Wailea Street including Wailea Settlement, Whole of Nanuku Street,Whole of Nakelo Street, Whole of Batiki Street and all side roads.


We sincere apologise for the inconvenience caused, but these works need urgent maintenance to ensure public safety and security of power supply.


As circumstances may cause any power line to be electrified at any time, please treat every line as being live and refrain from touching them.


ALL QUERIES CAN BE DIRECTED TO 132 333, or click here

For emergencies ONLY call 913.