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Planned Outages


Planned Outages are scheduled power outages that are necessary for EFL to carry out critical repair or maintenance work on our power lines in a particular area. Usually customers are notified days in advance of the selected areas that will be affected by a Planned Outage.

You may use the Location search above to see if your area has been scheduled for an outage or view the full list below.

Region Area Start Time End time
Nabuli Village, Rewa Nabuli Village, Naidumu Settlement, Nalase Village, Nadoria Village and Nakorovou Village. 21st April 2024 07:00 AM 21st April 2024 06:30 PM
Labasa Naiyaca Subdivision, Longbay Road, Labasa Bridge to Batinikama Junction, Damodar City Complex Labasa, Valebaso Tropik Board Limited, Ministry of Waterways, Ministry of Agriculture, Macuata House and New-World Supermarket. 21st April 2024 07:00 AM 21st April 2024 06:30 PM
Sigatoka Field 10 Cuvu, Cuvu Police Post, Cuvu Health Centre, Part of Fiji Sugar Cooperation Quarters, Cuvu Market, Mega Complex, Cuvu Fiji Gas Station, Ulusila Settlement, Qereqere Pumping Station, Nadroumai Village, Nadroumai Settlement, Yadua Settlement, Togovere Village, Nadola Settlement, Namuka Bay Resort, Khalsa Primary School, Muka Settlement, Naidiri Settlement, Whole of Naidiri, Tagitagi Settlement, Korolevu Settlement, Cuvu Top Settlement, Cuvu Assemble of God church, Vodafone Tower, Digicel Tower and Telecom Tower.

Partial Outage: 6.00am to 6.30am and 5.30pm to 6.00pm
Cuvu College, Naidovi Primary School, Cuvu New Subdivision, Fiji Sugar Corporation Cuvu Area, Land Transport Authority Cuvu Office, Hanahana Village, Cuvu Central Business District, Cuvu Tramline Area, Cuvu Land Transport Authority Quarters Area, Cuvu Fiji Sugar Cooperation Sector Office, Cuvu Mosque and Voua Village.

21st April 2024 06:00 AM 21st April 2024 06:00 PM
Labasa Jaduram Street, Nanuku Street, Sangam Avenue, Nukusima Street, Reddy Place, Nasoi Street, SB Khan Mall, RB Patel Supermarket, GS Mall, Shop N save Supermarket, Kwong Tung, Legal Aid Commission office, Labasa Civic Centre, Savilla House, Hometown Hardware, Bargain Box, Labasa Janta Store, Janta Tek, Water Authority of Fiji Office, Rozina Enterprise, Satish Motormart Pte Limited, Vanua Driving School, Local Timber Distributer, Tebara Halal Meat Labasa, Sugar Cane Growers Fund, Labasa Club, Lal’s Motor Winding Fiji (Pte) Limited, Labasa Suva Glass Aluminium, Rao Refrigeration & Air conditioning, Dr Bharti’s Surgery, Nasea Health Centre, Climatec, Kiwi Printing, Prakash Medical and Wellness Clinic, My Lab Medical Laboratory, Northern Tyres and Motor Spares, ACCF Claim Centre, TISI Sangam College of Nursing and Health Care Education, Laddo Gopal, Bombay Trading, A Hussain and Co Pte Limited, Clyde and Copier. 20th April 2024 08:00 PM 21st April 2024 08:00 AM
Vunivivi, Nausori Part of Ram Khelawan Road from Telecom Fiji Limited Training Centre road to Ram Daur Chaudary Road junction, Battan Singh Avenue, Vunivivi Faith Harvest Church, Vunivivi Seventh Day Adventist Church and Vunivivi Telecom Fiji Limited Training Centre. 19th April 2024 08:00 AM 19th April 2024 06:00 PM
Namau, Ba Part of Namau, Namau Primary School, Namau Nursing Station, Navala Village and Navala Catholic School and Eco Lodge Resort. 18th April 2024 09:00 AM 18th April 2024 04:00 PM
Part of Korobebe Road, Nadi Part of Korobebe Road, Navilawa Settlements and Navilawa Village. 18th April 2024 09:00 AM 18th April 2024 04:00 PM
Fantasy Island Whole of Nuku Circle, Sunset Road and Part of Fantasy Road. 18th April 2024 09:00 AM 18th April 2024 05:00 PM
Sigatoka Dreke Village 18th April 2024 08:35 AM 18th April 2024 04:30 PM
Labasa Korowiri and Abua Road Wailevu 18th April 2024 08:30 AM 18th April 2024 04:30 PM
Part of Naikabula, Lautoka Part of Naikabula Road and Part of Koroipita Area. 18th April 2024 08:30 AM 18th April 2024 04:30 PM
Taveuni Salia Area, Naiyalayala Settlement, Fatima Settlement, Naiqato Settlement, Bainiorse Settlement, Navarada Settlement, Mudre Settlement, Tavuki Village and Narusa Village. 18th April 2024 08:00 AM 18th April 2024 04:00 PM
Part of Kings Road, Wainibuka Part of Kings Road from Tailevu North High School till Naqia Village , Part of Tonia Road from Kings Road junction until Nailikodrou Bridge, Tonia Digicel Tower, Tonia Vodafone Tower, Tonia Dairy Farm, Tonia Road Settlement, PWD Treatment Plant, Viwa Farm, COVEC Depot, I L Hunt, B D Singh, Whole of Wainivesi Road, Wairua Settlement, Waimaro, Raja Sami Dairy Fram, Kumina Singh Dairy Farm, Sucha Singh Dairy Farm, Kasmir Singh Dairy Farm, Waito Village, Waito Site Office, Vogasau, Delasui Village, Dorothy’s Waterfall, Dakuivuna Village, Dakuivuna Seventh Day Adventist, Whole of Waileka Settlement, Naiyala High School, Wainabuna Farm, Natokalau Village, Waivou Settlement, Wailotua 1, Wailotua District School, Nasau, Wailotua 2, Vunivesi Settlement, Malabe Village, Naveicovatu Village, Nasautoka Village, Nabouva Village, Waineke Village, Bhardur Settlement, Nasaibitu Village Road, Nayavu Village, Colata Coacoa Farm Road, Wainibuka Secondary School and Nayavu Government Station 18th April 2024 08:00 AM 18th April 2024 05:00 PM
Navau Circular Road,Ba Whole of Navau Circular Road, Ba 17th April 2024 09:00 AM 17th April 2024 04:00 PM
Nakurakura Part of Nadi Town, Nakurakura, Kauvula Road, Naicker Street, Andrew’s Road, Mukerji Street, New Jacks Apartment, Nadi Hospital, Vodafone, Digicel, Telecom Fiji Limited and Water Authority of Fiji Sewerage Pump. 17th April 2024 09:00 AM 17th April 2024 04:30 PM
Sigatoka Narata Village, Rararua Village and Rukuruku District School. 17th April 2024 08:40 AM 17th April 2024 04:30 PM
Tokovuci, Lautoka Part of Tokovuci, Part of Tomuka, Part of Tavakubu and Part of Saru. 17th April 2024 08:30 AM 17th April 2024 04:30 PM
Labasa Waiwari and Vunimoli 17th April 2024 08:30 AM 17th April 2024 04:30 PM
Part of Navutu to Part of Natabua, Lautoka Part of Queens Highway from Navutu to Natabua, Part of Navutu, John Percival Bayly Road, PAC Investment, Water Authority of Fiji Waste Treatment Plant, Khan Buses Depot, Bethel Full Gospel Church, Chemdry Chemicals, Jacks Autoworld, Design Engineering Pte Limited, Viti Water Flow Pte Limited, Hire Equip, Rajendra Prasads, Ruggerio, Part of Field 40 Road, Taiperia and Natabua Seaside Area.

Partial Outage:
Area: Part of Navutu to Part of Natabua, Lautoka
Time: 8.30am to 9.00am and 4.00pm to 4.30pm
Areas Affected: Navutu Industrial Subdivision, Navutu Village, Naisowata Village, Royal Palm Road, Service Street, Punjas Flour Factory , Mahogany Industries (Fiji), Courts Distribution Centre, Oceania Gas Limited, Niranjans, Williams and Gosling, Flour Mills of Fiji Foods, Glass and Mirror(Fiji) Limited, Hinano, Nivis Motors, Neritak Equipment Limited, Ocean Soaps, Longrun (Fiji) , Movements International Fiji, Punjas Distribution Centre, Inter-Island Freight Services, Water Authority of Fiji Sewerage Pump, Deoji and Sons Limited Bonded Warehouse, RC Manubhai Co Limited, Extra Supermarket Warehouse , Total Energies Service Station Navutu, Part of Field 40 Road, Field 40 Gangaimman Kovil Temple, Supercool Group PTE Limited, Lale's Millennium, Land Transport Authority Inspection , BL Naidu Subdivision, Challenge PTE Subdivision, Natabua Industrial Area, Ramlus Restaurant, Rups Big Bear Warehouse, Chengs Family Supermarket, Part of Natabua Road, Natabua Housing Stage 1 , Natabua Housing Stage 2 , Lautoka Correctional Prison and Quarters, Natabua Government Quarters, Saioni Methodist Church, Natabua Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness, Nanuku Methodist Church, Natabua Seventh Day Adventist Church, Sunshine Shop, Bhola Street, Dildar Shah Street, Gibson Place, Fong Place, Moti Chandra Crescent, Natabua Shopping Centre, Natabua Primary School, Dawai Street, Fiji Correction Centre Dog Unit, Rai Place, Hiralal Place, Tabua Place and Fiji National University Natabua Campus.
17th April 2024 08:30 AM 17th April 2024 04:30 PM
Mavota Place, Kinoya Part of Vesivesi Road, from Tivi Place Junction to PT Manghu Maharaj Street, Birken Head Taxis And Car Wash, Tai Housing Complex, Tivi Place, Tavola Street, Dass Traders, Kinoya House Cleaning Services, Mavota Street, Shais Guest Studious, Matauvatu Enterprise, Amanu Place and Kinoya Police Post. 17th April 2024 08:00 AM 17th April 2024 05:00 PM
Galoa Village, Serua Galoa Village and Nasigasigalala Village. 17th April 2024 08:00 AM 17th April 2024 06:00 PM