Planned Outages


Planned Outages are scheduled power outages that are necessary for EFL to carry out critical repair or maintenance work on our power lines in a particular area. Usually customers are notified days in advance of the selected areas that will be affected by a Planned Outage.

You may use the Location search above to see if your area has been scheduled for an outage or view the full list below.

Region Area Start Time End time
Pacific Harbour, Deuba Part of Queens Highway from Pacific Harbour to Taunovo, Sanctuary Beach Development, Coral Coast Christian Camp, Lepanoni Village, Vunibuabua Village, Pacific Palms, Nanuku Auberge Resort, Nanuku Airstrip, Takali Villa, Taunovo Water Authority of Fiji Depot, Hot Spring Hire Service Limited Depot, Whole of River Drive, Part of Hibiscus Drive from River Drive Junction to Kura Place, Kura Place, Saqa Place, Atoll Place, Belo Circle, Kavika Place, Donu Place, Sevua Circle, Evuevu Place, Yasi Circle, Vesi Circle, Water Authority Deuba Pumping Station No.7, The Establishment Restaurant and Bar, Auckland Enterprises Fiji PTE Limited, Riks Harbour Restaurant, Parag & Sons, Pacific Harbour Ocean and Island Excursions, Rainbow Hardware, Mike Shopping Centre, The Rustic Table Restaurant, Freedive Fiji Charters, Deuba Minimart, Sevua Circle, Water Authority Deuba Pumping Station No.8, Fiji Boat House, Yasi Circle, Visi Circle. 24th August 2022 06:00 AM 24th August 2022 06:00 PM
Wailekutu, Naboro, Wainadoi Part of Queens Highway from Wailekutu to Wainadoi, Uduya Point Road, CJ Patel Lami, Uduya Point Upper Road, Uduya Point Lower Road, Green Waste, Suva Hideaway Villa, Orchid Island Cultural Centre, Bamboo Road, Huana Subdivision, Whole of Bilo Road, Vunivi Settlement, Bilo Settlement, Delaiveisari, Whole of Muaivuso Road, Muaivuso CMF Church, Muaivuso Village, Waiqanake District School, Waiqanake Village, Nabaka Village, Namakala, Village, Chauhan Memorial School, Raamzaan Shop, Vir's Shopping Centre, Ben Naiveli Farm, Ucuinamono Settlement, Naimataga Road, Navesi Catholic Church, St Thomas Primary School, Monfort Boy's Town, Lami Kava, Naikorokoro Road, Veisari Dairy Farm, Naikorokoro Village, Togalevu Village, Fiji Naval Base Camp, Kalokolevu Village, Wainisaqasaqa Settlement, Naboro Prison Compound, Naboro ECU and K9 Unit, Naboro Nursing Station, Ro Delainamako Primary School, Naboro Assembly of God Church, Gilbertese Settlement, Naboro Landfill, Water Authority of Fiji Naboro Pumping Station, Leylands Piggery, Vacoko Rehab Centre, Vacoko Settlement, Vunivutu Settlement, Navunisoco Telecom Fiji Site, Navunisoco Settlement, Fotofili Resident, Turubio Resident, Whole of South Pacific Bible College Road, Mountainview Subdivision, Wainadoi Vodafone Site, South Pacific Bible College, Wainadoi Block Factory, Fiji Searoad Services Yard, Ram Sami Poultry Farm, Wainadoi Road, Wainadoi Police Post, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Shore Buses Wainadoi Depot, Dhrush & Darsh Investment, Chevalier Training Centre, Cactus Partner Investment Limited, Imams Duck Farm, Spices and Natural Garden, Zip Line Fiji, Waikasanaura Settlement, Vivek Shop, Telecom Fiji Exchange Wainadoi, Ram Sami Poultry, Nabukavesi Digicel Site, Mohd. Ali Woodcraft, Mohd. Ali Sawmill, Dhanu Prasad Sawmill, Whole of Nabukavesi Village, Ro Camaisala Memorial School, Nabukavesi Vodafone Site, Whole of Qilai Village, Whole of Mau Village, Mau Primary School, Namosi Road, Pleass Beverage, Navatulevu Farm. 23rd August 2022 01:00 PM 23rd August 2022 05:00 PM
Sabeto, Nadi Sabeto Village and Koroyaca. 23rd August 2022 09:00 AM 23rd August 2022 04:30 PM
Labasa Korotari Settlement and Forestry Station. 23rd August 2022 08:30 AM 23rd August 2022 04:30 PM
Lomaivuna - Vunidawa Lomaivuna, Dravuni District School, Navolau village. 23rd August 2022 08:30 AM 23rd August 2022 05:00 PM
Waiyavi Stage 5, Lautoka Bioletti Road, Part of Choy Gopal Road, Kulu Street and Jale Street. 23rd August 2022 08:30 AM 23rd August 2022 04:30 PM
Ellington, Rakiraki Part of Ellington Settlement, Natunu and Nasakiki Settlement. 23rd August 2022 08:30 AM 23rd August 2022 05:00 PM
Sigatoka Korotogo Water Pumping Station, Sydney Drive, Palm Drive, Sunset Strip Korotogo Narayanganj Building, Malevu Village, Beach Cocomo, Sunset strip Beverly court, Heaven’s Door and Digicel Sovi Bay, Outrigger on the Lagoon Resort, Tubakula Resort, Sandy Point Resort, Beach Bar and Grill, Sitar Restaurant, Adventure Kula Eco Park, Bedarra Inn Resort, Crow’s Nest Resort, Vakaviti Hotel, Casablanca Hotel, Koko’s Restaurant, Waitaci Villas and Bula Retreat Villas. 23rd August 2022 08:15 AM 23rd August 2022 04:30 PM
Nakasi Mulomulo Street, Part of Nakasi Road from Mulomulo Street junction till Wailai Road junction. 23rd August 2022 08:00 AM 23rd August 2022 05:00 PM
Sawani – Serea Road Navatuvula Village, Navatuvula Settlement, Bureni Settlement, Whole of Waibau Area, Bureni settlement, Waitolu village, Gusuisavu bakery, Naqali Agriculture, Naqali District School, Lohar Investment, Viria Poultry farm, CGCC Camp site, Nawaqabena, Naqali village, Viria Road, Viria village, Nabia Settlement, Savu Road, Savu village, Digicel tower, Vodafone tower, Eastgate farm, Nabakai settlement, Vanuakula, Korovou village, Vatulili Village, Nabukaluka Village, Lomai village, Waidina Secondary School, Namako Settlement, Navurevure School, Nadakuni village, Wainawaqa village, Namosi Road, CRFG Nasirotu Quarry, Nasirotu Village, Nasele Village, Wainakaile settlement, Delailasekau, Dominiko, Nasevou village, Naitavuni Catholic, Delailasakau, Waivaka Village, Narukunibua village, Nasigatoka Vilage, Namosi Primary School, Namosi village, Navunibua village, Dada Government station, Nakavika Village, Wainidevo Settlement, Navunikabi village, Saliadrau village, Wainisarava settlement, Naqarawai village, Wainimakutu village, Naraiyawa village. 23rd August 2022 07:30 AM 23rd August 2022 06:00 PM
Waqadra, Nadi Part of Udi Road and Bouvudi Street. 22nd August 2022 09:00 AM 22nd August 2022 04:30 PM
Sigatoka Whole of Tau Area, Korokula Village, Part of Namata Area and Namata Primary School. 22nd August 2022 08:45 AM 22nd August 2022 04:30 PM
Labasa Nagigi Settlement, Nagigi Primary School and Waidamudamu Settlement. 22nd August 2022 08:30 AM 22nd August 2022 04:30 PM
Wainadoi, Navua Wainikasanaura Settlement. 22nd August 2022 08:30 AM 22nd August 2022 06:00 PM
Ellington, Rakiraki Part of Ellington and Nagaga Settlement. 22nd August 2022 08:30 AM 22nd August 2022 05:00 PM
Vatuwaqa Part of Fletcher Road from junction of Karsanji Road till Khemindra Street, Nanuku Street, Kaunitoni Street, Benau Street. 22nd August 2022 08:00 AM 22nd August 2022 05:00 PM
Davuilevu Mahendra Street, Dasrath Street, Raghurag Street, Dalip Street, Part of Kings Road from Koronivia Feeder Road junction till Raghurag Street junction. 22nd August 2022 08:00 AM 22nd August 2022 05:00 PM
Taveuni Wairiki Primary & Secondary School, Holy Cross Church, Naiqato Settlement, Bainiorse Settlement, Navarada Settlement, Mudre Settlement, Merdian Store, Suncity Supermarket, Ahora Hotel, Salia Settlement, Naiyalayala & Fatima Settlement. 21st August 2022 08:00 AM 21st August 2022 04:00 PM
Marine Drive, Queens Road Part of Queens Road from Tamavua-I-Wai Bridge to Solomoni Street junction. Fenton Street, Lami Village Road, Rokodrawe Road, Isa Lei Road, Stirling Place, Nadonumai Road, Tamavua Road. Zion Driving School, Lami- Shop N Save Supermarket, Caslte Restaurant, Lami Town Council, John’s Bakery, Eagles Closet, Kadavu Kava Shop, Lami Traffic Light, V. Chan Store, Lami Post Office, Lami Chemist, Cruz Holdings Ltd, Good Heart Restaurant, The Hunters Feast, Universal, Lami Laundary, TFL Lami Exchange, Alitis Food Stall, Lami Market, Trio taxis Lami, Lami Oceania Wesley Church, Catholoic Church of the Immaculate Conception Lami, Nathan’s Thai Kitchen, The Garden Town, Thirsty Liquir, Maxval-U Lami, Total Energies Lami, The Yacht Shop, Trade Winds Marine Group, Tents & Awnings Pte Ltd, Treehouse Boutique, Malia, Tika Ram Park, Shreedar Motors, Suvavou Village, Law Store, Lami Village, Lami High School, Lami Primary School, Lami Health Centre, Seventh- Day Advertist Church, Suva Adventist Primary School, Suva Adventist College, Wainidinu Settlement, Vugalei Apartment, Delainivesi Community Police Post, Delainivesi Dairy Shop, TABS Timber Works Hong TIY, Shipping Services Fiji Pte Ltd, Kalgin Global Logistics, CDP House, Baro Industrial Subdivision, Ocean Star Logistics Pte Ltd. 21st August 2022 07:00 AM 21st August 2022 06:00 PM
Valelevu Daniva Road, Saqa Street, Kanace road, Salala Street, Nuqa Place, Ogo Place, Naveiwakau Road, Nayavumata Road, Kalivetau Road, Naitasiri Road, Railigi Road, Delaitokatoka, Veikoba Settlement, Railiga Road, Nasinu Road, Bovo Place, Boila Circle, kabata Lane, Sabutu Lane, Clifton Road, Lagakali Road, Uci Place, Jale Place, Cevuga Street, Maba Place, Makosoi Street, Savila House, New World Supermarket, Nasinu Municipal Building, Rajendras Supermarket, West Field Valelevu, Spiritual Science Study Centre, Land Transport Authority, Summer Trading, Hot Bread Kitchen, Fiji National Provident Fund, Bargain Box (Fiji) Ltd, Nasinu Court House, Housing Authority Building, Nasinu Post Office, Atlas Mega Variety, Max Value, Valelevu Complex Building, Ministry of Justice, Legal Aid Commission, Master Cats, Valelevu Police Station, Valelevu Health Centre, Bred bank, Golden Manufacturing Valelevu, Shop & Save Valelevu, ANZ Pacific Operations, Mindpearl, Lyndhurst Ltd, The Green House Fiji. 21st August 2022 07:00 AM 21st August 2022 06:00 PM
Labasa Vesi Street, Yaka Street, Part of Naseakula Road from Saint Mary’s Primary School to Road tech tyres, CDP Courier Services, Y- Corner service station, Down town Supermarket, Nand’s Tyre Centre, Hinendra tyre Centre, Kiwi fuse trades, NIVIS motors, , Dawn Renewable works Lets Ketchup, Popo’s Feed, North waste management, Melrose Apartment, Mechanical Services, Fiji Gas, Babu Tyre centre, Raj Tailoring, Capital Valve, Sigatoka Primer Spares, Labasa Courts, FNU Labasa Campus, , Dreamland Taxi Tours, K Dayal Singh & Sons Building, Pacific Joinery Electric solution (Fiji) Pte Ltd, Comp city Supermarket, National Engineering, Ministry of Environment, Nath’s Industrial supplies, Lal’s Motor winding, Richards Hotel & Apartment, SSUP Farm Machinery & Equipment, Gold Hold Seafood Limited, Waqairatu Land Valuation and Consultant, Color Dragon Restaurant, Hotel 88, Office Mate, Consumer Council, S K Logistic Pte Ltd, University of Fiji Labasa Branch, Sads Smiley Kitchen, Ministry of environment, Intel Security Services, Vinod Patel, Home town Hardware, Royal Wine Shop, Fusion Bar, Diamond Theater, Satish motor marts, Pacfic Feeds limited, Discount Shopping Centre. 21st August 2022 07:00 AM 21st August 2022 06:30 PM
Part of Lautoka Whole of Tomuka Area, Ami Chandra Primary School, Part of Tavakubu, Part of Vuda Back Road, EFL Repeater, Part of Wairabetia Area, Whole of Saru Back Road, Navula Road, MGM School, TFL Repeater, Digicel Repeater, Vodafone Repeater, AOG Church, Natabua Old Age Home, Natabua Village, Rahiman Road, Dhuram Road, Saru Water Treatment Plant, Tawatawa No. 1 & 2 Area, Tawatawa Indian School, Whole of Vaivai Area, Vaivai Indian School, Saru Sheep Farm and Saru Mosque.

Partial Outage: 4.00am to 4.30am and 6.30pm to 7.00pm
Part of Tavakubu Back Road, Part of Saru Back Road, TFL Repeater, Digicel Repeater, Vodafone Repeater, Water Authority of Fiji Reservoir, Freebird Ba Provincial School, Vanua Mini Mart, Natabuaiwai Neighbourhood, First Church Pentecostal, Tavakubu Village, Tavakubu Police Post, Gandhi Bhawan Primary School, Vunamoli Settlement, Tavakubu Cemetery Area, General Machinery Residence Area, Part of Wairabetia Road, Wairabetia Rooster Poultry, Communications Fiji Limited Tower, Vodafone Tower, Digicel Tower and TFL Tower.
21st August 2022 04:00 AM 21st August 2022 07:00 PM
Whole of Ba, Tavua, Rakiraki and Nadarivatu Ba Area
Ba Industries, Bomco Factory, RC Manubhai Factory, BBC, Dominion Wire & Cable, Amit Knitting, Whole of Nailaga Area, Nailaga Village, Miamajan, Nailaga Mortuary, Ratu Rusiate Primary School, Ba Methodist School, Ministry Of Primary Industries-Nailaga, Whole of Varoko Area, Whole of Koroqaqa Area, Whole of Varoko Seaside, Koroqaqa Village, Whole of Sarava Area, Ba Sanatan College, Sarava Primary School, Navau Area, Rooster Poultry, Navau Telecom Site, Navau, Koroqaqa, Vodafone Site, Whole of Koroqaqa Area, Whole of Varoko Seaside, Koroqaqa Village, Whole of Sarava Area, Ba Sanatan College, Sarava Primary School, Navau Area, Rooster Poultry, Navau Telecom Site, Navau Vodafone Site, Whole of Karavi, Whole of Raviravi, Part of Tavarau, Whole of Namosau, Whole Of Yalalevu, MR Dayals Quarry & MR Dayal Sawmill, New Ba Hospital, Kings Bread Shop Kings Restaurant, Kings Mini Mart, Nestle Fiji Ltd, Bomco Foam Factory, 4R electrical, Ba Football Academy, Ba Mission Hospital, Ba Fisheries, Xavier Collage, A Jan Sawmill, BIL, Sweets & Snacks, New World Bulk, Whole of Sarava, Pacific Energy Service Station, Nagan Engineering, Ba FNU Campus, Whole of Mia Marjan Whole of Koula Back Road, Part of Navoli Road, Whole of Navatu, Part of Varadoli Street, Navatu Street, Navala Street, Domalco, G Nadan Drilling Company, Western Builders, Roadside Mechanical Works, Ram Narayan Engineering, Shree Devi Mariammam Kovil, Naveen Patel Rice Mill, Damem’s Minimart, Field 27, Water Authority Pump Station, Navoli Sangam School, Whole of Wailailai, Whole of Votua Road, Votua Village, Nawaqarua Village, Natutu Village, Votua Treatment Plant, Khalsa Primary School, Khalsa High school, Nailovalova, Nailovalova Cemetery, Vadravadra Village, Sasa Village, Khalsa College Road, Natalecake, Whole of Vatuyaka Road, Navoli Area, Waivuka Area, Navoli Sanatan Dharam School, Lavuci settlement, Sorocaba, Mobil Service Station, Ba Fish Market, Max Valu Supermarket, Varoka Police Post, Elevuka Area, Telecom Exchange, Ba Court House, Ba Hot Bread, Ba C’s Restaurant, Multi Fashion, Senidovu Hair & Beauty Salon, Tongyu Fashion, Shanil’s Hair Salon, Bob’s Pool Centre, Hem’s Tailoring, Shop & Save Supermarket, New World, Ba Taxi Stand, Rups Big Bear, RC Manubhai, RC Bali & Son’s, Hong Yi Fashion, Ella Bread Shop, Lin’s Bread Shop, Kum San Fancy Goods, Ba Motor Parts, Priety Shopping Centre, Pots & Things, Ba Book Center, M & Q Photo Shop, Klassic Kits, Xtra Distributors, Ba Bus Stand Orange Canteen, DC Devidas Fashion, Exotic Electric, Grant’s Waterhouse, Jack’s Restaurant, Deepa’s Variety, Nathu Bhai Chagan Lal, Hyper Chem Pharmacy, Lal’s Footwear, J Vijay’s Tailoring, Quick Sharma Watch Repair, Dipan Sha’s Video World, Cell City Electronics and Net Café, Deo Dass Unisex Hair Salon, A. Jalil, Fiji Muslim League Building, Ganga Singh Central Building, Nazeem Lawyers, Procera Music, Mulji Jewellers, Venus Office Works, Wild Sparrow Shoes, Preeti Fashion, Crazy Clark, Maneklal Instyle, Shingar Fashion, New Bombay Store, J Bilimoria and Sons, Shivam Gift Store, N Chand Tailors, Priety Shopping Centre, Harsh Fashion, Milan Jewellers, Ramanlal and Sons, Bombay Trading, Jay Variety Store, Nitz Takeaway, Multi Fashion, Nukudrala Street, Paddy’s Market, Bargain Box, Chung’s Store, Anita Jewels, Ba Market ,Courts Ba, A Jan Quarries, Part of Rarawai Road, Nukudrala Street, ANZ, Westpac, LTA, Island Pharmacy, Lannys Nightclub, Qadriayh Investment, Hardware, Meenoos Bulk supplies, Blacktown Barber shop, Indiques Restaurant, Tabua place, BA Town children’s park, Ganga Street, Family Clinic and Dental, Top shop,Cinarex,J.S Building, Smart care Medical Centre, Civic Centre ,Ba Town Council, Ba Health Centre ,BA Police Station,Shanti Lal, Fiji First Office,Shivani’s One Stop Shop, Kula Street, Dawa Street, Koronubu Street, Oprepi Church,Ba Red Cross, Koronubu House,Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority, Sharma’s Shoe, Oceanic Electric, Glamour Arts and printing, M .Ratnam Upholstery, CDP,Pacific Feeds Limited, S.D Sharma’s Value Planet, Tandoori ,Motibhai Circle, Bhika Bhai Prabhu Building, Ba Health Centre, Ba Police Barrack, Part of Nareba Street, Sekoula Road,TSI Sangam, Ba Sangam Primary and Secondary School, Whole of Tavola Street, Eagle Printing Press, Ba Central Club, Preni’s Instant Photo Lab,Katz Bilo Bar, J.P Mistry Furniture showroom, Ba Printery, Fong Lee Building, Shanti Lal Building, Christ The king Church, Saint Teresa’s school, Rajendra’s Supermarket, Vinod Patel Home & Living, Asco Motors –BA, BSP, Bondwell, TLTB, CBS, Secrets Boutique and Spa, Century 21, Cane Growers Building, Radha Krishna Temple, Puritan Medical Centre, Value City, Hillside Restaurant, IT Intelligence, Ashneel’s Unisex Hair Saloon, Style Check, R.C Manubhai, Ghela’s Sweets, Friendly Hometech Distributors, Mishay’s Disc Plaza, One Stop Gift Shop, Purpose Book Centre, Premier Book Centre, Anita Jewellers, My Law Barristers and Solicitors, Sensational Shoes, Mulji Jewellers, Mala Fashions, Midtown Medical Centre, Cell phones, Part of Elevuka Street, Procera Music Centre, Ba Dental Centre, South Sea’s Restaurant, R.C Manubhai Yard, Whole of Bank Street, A1 Snax, Pacific Travels, Amin Music, LICI, Sun insurance, Foreign Exchange, TFL shop, Desire Collection, Ropesh Gift Center, Fizah Fashion, Dorin Charan Realtors, Bank of Baroda, Unimoni, Exotic Music, Mahakali Jewellers, Dream Land, D.C A Surveyors, DR Jayant Patel Medical Centre, Narayan Sami Jewellers, Singha Global Travels, S.K Devi, J.K Jewellers, D. Hari Ram and Sons, Lotus Foreign Exchange, Aryan Fashions, Zaweez’s Barber Shop, Amits Digital Photo Studio, Chands Restaurant, Shamil Hair Salon, Tejal Milkbar, Deep Gift, Soni Jewellers, Ba Medical Center,Global Electric,Bright Motors, Roy’s Auto Spares, Combine Auto Spares,Kumars Tyre Farmers choice,Budget Auto Spares, Fiji Development Bank, Kumars Fast Food, Sigatoka Motor Spares, Nadi Motor Spares, Vision Marketing, FAI Spare Parts, Lakhans Joinery Works,Whole of Nadrakula Street, Part of Varoka Street, Pacific Service Station,William and Goslings, Prasads Printing Press, Ram Narayans Engineering Shop, New Delhi Electric, New Delhi Fashions. Varadoli Area, Veisaru Road, DAV Primary & Secondary School, AD Patel Primary & Secondary School, Part of Koronubu Cemetery Road, Shiv Street, Shivana Crescent, Hill view Street, Park Street, Bomco Yard, Tio Street, Navala Street, DAV College, Sahaj Supermarket, Digicel Repeater, Angel Garments, Gabbys Ice block Factory, Whole of Koula Back Road, Whole of Navoli Road, Whole of Navatu settlement, Navatu Street, Navala Street, Domalco, G Nadan Drilling Company, Western Builders, Roadside Mechanical Works, Ram Narayan Engineering, Shree Devi Mariammam Kovil, Naveen Patel Rice Mill, Damem’s Minimart, Field 27, Water Authority Pump Station, Whole of Varavu, Varavu Muslim School, Varavu Primary school, Nadari Area, Bilolo Area, Bilolo Water Pump, Lutua Road, Koula Road, Whole of Etatoko Area, Chaman Lal Bus Depot, Pacific Energy Service Station , Varoko Police Post , Masi Rentals, Al Shifa Medical Centre , Singhs Photo lab and rentals , Chungs flower shop , Vanmed lab,Gubun noodles restaurant ,Ba hair dressing salon , Kritesh Fish shop , Desire collection, Vaqia Pump Station, Whole of Field 28, Part of Vaqia, Koula, Koronubu, Nadrou Road, Kumkum, Vatusui, Pump Station, Veisaru Indian School, Namada, Busabusa, Tivoro Lane, Koronubu Junction, Koronubu Road, Vunisamaloa, Benai, Qelelevu Indian School, Nukuloa, Viesaru. AJAN Crusher, Tabataba pumping Station, Namau Varaciva pumping station, Nadrau pump station, Waiwai treatment plant, Three corner shop at Moto rd, Part of Nukuloa, Nasolo village, Maranitawa, Talaiya, Nanuku Village, Nalotawa District School, Yaloku Village, Moto, Balevuto Village, Toge Village, Barbriban, Toge and Vatusui.

Tavua Area
Tavua College, LDS Church, Koronisalusalu residential subdivision, Ralulu street, Nabukulukulu street, Nands Seafood, Kasabias hardware, Nadi Motor Spares, Sushils Shopping Centre, Westpac Bank, Kritesh Shopping Centre, Mobil Service, Tavua Central store, Michaels Restaurant, Riyaz Signs, Malas Restaurant, Lisa Fashions, Tabua street, Bhimas, Vatia street, Gold Palace Techs, Prasads Timber & Hardware, Tavua Fire station, DW Parts world, Tandori Chicken, Samairas Curry House, Post Fiji, Ministry Of Agriculture, Tavua Court House, Internet Cafe, Fiji First Office, Angel Bookshop, Aliyah Hair Saloon, Sigatoka Motor Spares, Legal Aid Commission, Van Med Labs, Tower Insurance, Tong You Fashions, Bank OF Baroda, Subrails Furniture, Suva Footwear, Rups Big Bear, Kumars Shop, Praveens Mini Mart, New World, Paddys, Chands Clothing, ANZ, Govind Snax, Tavua Police Station, Tavua Hospital, Part of Nabuna Street, Tavua Market, Goundar Hardware, Sami Barber, Singhs Rental, Urman Ali Hardware, Sachins Food & Takeaway, Higgins Depot, Tavua Police Barracks, New China Restaurant, New China Fashions, Total Service station, Maxvalu Supermarket, Value City, Western Union, Kumars, Westland Entertainment, Gold Town Pharmacy, Ayanas Fashions, Clear Ice Enterprise, Shop & Save Supermarket, Ba Motor Parts, Chicken Fry, Payals Jewellers, Lalits Bula Shop, Nagandas & Co Limited, Quest Pharmacy, Meenoos, Vodafone, Foneology, Narendra Shopping Centre, Singhs Studio, Alis Fashions, Leka Street, Super Movie Entertainment, Dynamic Electronics, S Kiran Shopping Centre, Jeesh Fashions, BSP, Bargain Box, Vinod Patel, Ashok Kumar & Sons, Carpenters Hardware, Feroz Furniture, Jehovah Witness Church, Naidu Restaurant, WAF customer care office, Tavua Club, Tavua Catholic Church, Tavua Primary School, Tavua Kindergarten, Vickys Mini Mart, Tagitagi,Qalela, Lobololo Road, Whole of Matalevu, Whole of Yasiyasi Road, Nadolodolo Road, Whole of Waikona Area, KBL Depot, Whole of Natawa Area, Balata, Korovou Village, Drumasi, Kavuli, Nabuna Village, Mataniwai Road, FSC Tavua Sector Office, Rabulu Digicel Repeater, Rabulu Sanatan Primary school, Tavua College, Tavua District High School, Whole of Yaladro road, Hot spring Area, Whole of Toko, Toko primary school, Part of Vatukoula Area, whole Dakavonu Road, Baitul Buses Limited , Vatukoula Express Depot Arya Samaj Primary school ,Pacific Lumber company, M R Dayal Factory, Whole of Toko, Toko primary school, Whole of Vatukoula, Whole of Nasivi, Nasivi pumping station, Industrial Furniture, Treatment Plant, Water pump, Whole of Matanigata, whole of Nadelai, Nadelai primary school, Whole of Vunivaivai settlement, Whole of Koro No 2, Whole of Koro No 1, Whole of Vuqele, Whole of Vatukoula residential sub division, Whole of Nadarivatu, South Ridge repeater stations, Koro-o Telecom Repeater, Whole of Votualevu settlement, Camp site, Portal house, Koro village, old Telecom quarters, Nadarivatu health centre, Nadarivatu police post, Whole of Savatu, Savatu Primary school, Whole of Buyabuya village, Whole of Lewavou settlement, Whole of Lewa village, Whole of Naiyaca village, EGM quarters, Nadarivatu Government stations, Whole of Nadala, Whole of Taunabe village, Lewa school, Whole of Marau settlement, Korovou weir, Telecom site, Whole of Nagatagata, Switchyard, Vodafone site, Dromodromo settlement, Whole of Navai village, Whole of Nabesa village, Whole of Korosoi settlement, Whole of Waimoqi settlement, Whole of Yauyau settlement, Whole of Wainiqia settlement, Saroni farm, Whole of Lovo settlement, Whole of Tavurase settlement, Whole of Wailailai settlement, Whole of Waidradra settlement, Whole of Nadrau village, Whole of Naga village, Whole of Nasomo Area , Lomalagi , Tokoloa Area, Whole of Vuqele Area, Yaqara, Yaqara com site, Draunivi settlement, Whole of Togovere, Tuidreke station, Golden point resort, 3 angels hospital, Whole of Natokita settlement, Whole of Vitivanua, Fiji water, Whole of Nanuku area, Whole of Dabouni area Part of Nanuku, FSC office, Whole of Wailevu, Wailevu Primary School, Vunitogoloa, Nursing station, Navatu Fijian School, Whole of Naivuvuni, Whole of Narewa, Whole of Vitawa, Whole of Waiqumu, Wairuku settlement, Wairuku School,Namajoba TFL Repeater station and Rakiraki Public High School.

Rakiraki Area
Whole of Volivoli Circular Road, Wananavu Beach resort, Volivoli Beach resort, Vatu-I- Ra – Village resort, Whole of Nayaulevu Road, Nayaulevu Village, Tokaimalo Distric sch, Tokaimalo Healthn centre, Manayava Settlement, Vunisea settlement, Naraviravi church, Narauyaba settlement, Vuniyaumunu Village, Naivitu village, Naraviravi village, Navavai Village, Drekeniwau Settlement, Vunibaka settlement. Rattand Volivoli, Grace community church, Whole of Ellington, Ellington Primary school, Nagana Hillside, Ellington Wharf, Flying Prince Bus Depot, Vickys Shopping Centre, Vunimoli, Navolau Assemblies Of God, Navolu # 2, Vodafone/Digicel Repeater Navola, Peni Tavodi Memorial, Navolau # 1 village, Navolau District & Kindergarten, Navuvunibitu, Repeater Station Navunibitu, Shiu Prasad & Sons, Namuimada village, Vaturaga Settlement, Whole of Madhvani area, Savou District School, Nanukuloa village, Ra Provincial Council Office, Cacao Fiji Ltd, Saint Francis School, Ra Maternity, Barotu village, Barotu primary school, Barotu shopping centre, Whole of Takaimalo, Nakorotubu road, Matawailevu village, Ra High school, Vuniuikaloa area, Vuniuikalou Arya Primary School, Dobuilevu Primary School, Midland Shopping Centre, Shalom Church, Lals Shopping centre, Dobuilevu Reseach Station,Viti Shopping Centre, Viti area, Nasau Road, Dama village, Nambau District School, Rokovaku village, Part of Navesau village, Whole of Waimari Circular Road, Waimari Pumping Station, Waimari Primary School, Waimari Shop, Vatukacevaceva, Vatusekiyasawa, Vinod Patel Yard, Part of Nadovi Area, Wairuku Fijian School, Total Service Station, Part of Kings Road from Nadovi to Volivoli, Colasi, Malau, Malau FBC Station, Rakiraki Hotel, Rakiraki Village, Nakauvadra Shop, Nakauvadra Garment Factory, Rakiraki Primary School, Nakauvadra High School, Whole of Naria Area, Naria Subdivision, Naria Bhartiya School, Naria Service Station, Malake Landing and part of Kings Road at Volivoli.

21st August 2022 04:00 AM 21st August 2022 07:00 PM
Jai Hanuman Road, Vatuwaqa Tebara Prime Cuts, Basic Industries Limited, All Make Auto Spares, Baiya G's Kava, Pacific Energy, Global Warehouse (Fiji) Limited, All Freight Logistics, Cope Construction, Superb Distributors and Jai Hanuman Road. 20th August 2022 08:00 AM 20th August 2022 05:00 PM
Kalabu Kalabu Road, Qaranivalu Road, Naiyalayala Settlement, Kalabu Village, Kalabu Primary School, Tovata Road, Tovata Settlement, Kubukawa Road, Tovata Methodist Church, Tuirara Road, Matanikorovatu Road, Kia Street, Vatusue Road, Makoi Street, Part of Kings Road from Matanikorovatu Road Junction to Kalabu Road Junction.

Partial Outage: 8am to 9am and 4pm to 5pm
Caqiri Road, TFL Nasinu Exchange, Kalabu Booster Pump, Nasole Road, Secala Road, Vukasa Street, Rambo Street, Nasinu Road, Cevuga Street, Rosi Street, Godfrey Street, Pilling Road, Joyce Street, All Make Complex, Yawa Street, Damu Road, Kake Street, Kaikai Street, Matua Road, Ulavi Road, Laqere Market.
20th August 2022 08:00 AM 20th August 2022 05:00 PM
Makoi Part of Matanikorovatu Road from Makoi Road Junction to Makoi Total Service Station, Hefu Place, Vunidogo Street, Nataisau Road, Sauviva Place, Chandance Place, Makoi West Road, Rahul Chand Investment, Nands Auto Traders, Siddhi Vinayak Trading Centre, Arbius Barbershop, Care Plus Dental, General Medical Practice, Mega Care Pharmacy, Kokea Kava Bar, Breeze Street, Makoi Market, Highway Kava Bar, Sauriva Road, Westpac ATM, BSP ATM, Bred Bank ATM, Bank of Baroda ATM. 20th August 2022 08:00 AM 20th August 2022 05:00 PM
Sigatoka Bara Settlement, Sigatoka District Primary School, Vodafone Site Koromumu and Part of Rakirakilevu Settlement. 20th August 2022 08:00 AM 20th August 2022 05:00 PM
Navo, Nadi Part of Navo Feeder Road, Navo Sai Hall, Goundar Road, Best West Kava & Shopping Centre and Apple Road. 20th August 2022 06:00 AM 20th August 2022 06:00 PM