Electricity Tariffs and Rates

Domestic Tariff

The regulated domestic tariff set by the Commerce Commission is 33.10 cents/units.

Domestic customers who consume  Less than or equal to (<=) 95 kWh per month, (i.e. 3.12 units/day, taking 1 month to be equal to (365 days/ 12 months) days which works out to 30.42 days) with Combined household income Less than or equal to (<=) $30,000.00 per annum,. This Tariff only applies if customer has registered, and qualifies for new government subsidy. Customers who do not qualify pay the full rate.


Domestic Tariff

Tariff Price – VAT Exclusive
Yes* Average Daily Usage =< 3.12kWh 17.20 cents
No Average Daily Usage > 3.13kWh 33.10 cents


* To learn if you qualify for the Government Subsidy click here
Important Notes:

  • kWh = Kilowatt-hour, 1 kWh = 1 unit of electricity
  • 1 month = 365 / 12 = 30.42 days
  • Prices are effective as of 1st January 2016. All Prices are subject to change