26 June 2020

The positions will be based at Energy Fiji Limited’s Kinoya depot and will report to Technical Officer Central.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Carry out and repair and maintenance of zone substation equipment including power transformers, load tap changers, potential transformers, current transformers, surge arresters, Extra High Voltage (EHV 132kV) high voltage (HV 33kV, 11kV, 6.6kV and 3.3kV) circuit breakers and switchgear, Direct Current (DC) Systems, battery and charger systems 415V/240V Alternating Current (AC) Systems and telemetry equipment
  • Ensure all test conducted in accordance to manufacturers specification and procedures and are results recorded and digitized for archiving
  • Prepares individual Daily Work Plans
  • Perform journey-level electrical work using electrical equipment and instruments to locate and repair circuit and repair defects
  • Carries out Monthly inspection of substation and reports with concluded recommendations and remedial works.  Takes responsibility, accountabilities and plans to carry out repairs immediately
  • Ability to learn and use intelligent equipment’s used to test protection relays, functional test of circuit breakers, electrical HV busbar, power and instrument (CT and VT) transformers, tap changers, disconnectors, batteries and earthing
  • To use and maintain special testing equipment’s such as:
    1. High Potential test set
    2. Primary and secondary injection test set
    3. Dielectric strength test set
    4. Phasing stick and phase rotating meters
    5. Multimeters
    6. Transformer Turns ratio
    7. Earth resistance meter
    8. Digital Micro Ohm meter
    9. Transformer Oil filter plant
    10. Circuit Breaker timing test (CBT400)
    11. Battery Impedance Tester
    12. HV contact and proximity Tester
    13. Insulation Resistance Tester
    14. Variable transformers (single phase & three phase / Variac)
    15. SF6 leakage meter
    16. DELTA 2000 Capacitance Tan delta testing
    17. Transformer Ohm meter
    18. Dissolve Gas Analyzer (DGA)
    19. Thermoscan
    20. Any other new instrument
  • Carry out condition assessment of zone substation power equipment’s, buildings and security substations
  • Carry wiring, testing, repairing and troubleshoot of protection relays, tap changer controllers, Circuit Breakers Controls, AC & DC Changeover Controls, Isolator Controls, instrumentation wiring of CT’s & VT’s transducers and battery chargers
  • Develop with Engineers and TOs substation maintenance standards and practices to improve SAIDI and SAIFI figures to achieve Network Scorecard targets
  • Draw, Read and interpret schematics and blueprints and changes and updates drawings to reflect as-built changes to schematics and wiring diagrams
  • Pulls HV underground cables and LV control cables and terminates LV AC DC control wiring following wiring diagrams
  • Takes readings on substation equipment’s, run tests for contaminates
  • Maintains records and writes on all maintenance and services provided
  • Ability to use hand and power tools in a safe and effective manner and knowledge of safety standards and precautions pertaining to the use of tools and equipment
  • Rust treatment and spray painting of substation equipment including power transformers, high voltage circuit breakers and switchgear. Utilizes aerial equipment when necessary
  • Maintaining spares, tools and equipment as per stock requirements
  • Constantly work outdoors and occasionally indoors
  • Work at heights on top of transformers working in confined spaces inside power transformers
  • Ensure all test are performed to IEC and ASNZ standards
  • Ensure all test are analyzed and plants are energized in accordance to the minimum standards settings/results
  • Ensure all tools and equipment’s for maintenance of plants and equipment’s are available always
  • Ensure all test instruments are in working order and safe conditions
  • Ensure installation drawings are approved and updated by GIS, NCC, Substation prior to commissioning
  • Ensure all latest drawings in Substation are printed and filed in Substation
  • Ensure all substation inspections, weed management, fire alarm test are conducted on a monthly basis
  • Ensure all inspection, test and investigation records are archived properly and all records are digitized and saved in the EFL Corporate drive
  • Ensure all safety facets of the work are understood and hazards are identified and recorded at site
  • Ensure Job Site Assessment (JSA) and Work Plan are recorded, evaluated and filed
  • Statutory and operational compliance
  • Complies to Occupational & HSE Requirements
  • Completes Hazard mitigation requirements
  • Ensure Job Site Assessment (JSA) and Work Plan are recorded, evaluated and filed
  • Responsible for vehicles, tools and test equipment/instruments in the section
  • Responsible for the return of all substation obsolete items to EFL Stores
  • Responsible for the return of all excess items withdrawn from stores to be credited back after use
  • Carry out any other duties as assigned by the Technicians or the Team Leader.

Key Requirements:

  • The candidate should have an Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering with two years relevant experience in similar field or;
  • Diploma with at least 4 (four) years relevant experience and thorough knowledge and experience in operations and maintenance related Control and power systems;
  • Any combination of training, education and experience which demonstrates an ability to perform the duties of the position;
  • Full knowledge of methods, practices, and techniques related to computers in Windows 7 and Windows 10 Operating System, Familiar with Office 2013 on wards and proficient in Auto CAD;
  • Knowledge of electrical and electronic devices, such as circuits, switches, breakers, wiring and the like, and of safety precautions and hazards related to electricity;
  • A valid full Group two (2) driver’s license (not provisional) is mandatory
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