Launch of the EFL Customer Portal

August 01, 2017

The EFL Customer Portal is a self-service online service that will be available to all post pay customers of EFL. The portal will provide up-to date information and details in relation to their EFL electricity account – details such as Current Balance, Overdue Amount, Due Date, etc. It will also provide a history of their usage over the months including copies of customer’s monthly statements.

Customers will be able to access the “Noqu FEA” portal from the EFL website or directly from the web link

To register for the portal, there is a simple process where the customer will need to enter their EFL account number and the email that they have provided to EFL. If both these details are valid the customer will receive an email confirming their registration and a web link to complete the final steps of their registration. The customer will be asked to setup a password and once done, they should be ready to access their account details via the portal. The above process is all done online without the need to call or to visit the EFL office.

If the customer has not provided their email address to EFL, then they will first need to call the EFL customer services team to register their email address and then they can register online to access the portal.

Once successfully registered, the customer will be able to see all their summary account details on a single dashboard screen.

Customers will be able to see their monthly usage graph for the last 12 months as well as view the meter reading details for each month.

Customers will be able to view and print their statements from the portal.

If a customer is moving from one property to another, he/she can submit the details of his/her new location via the portal in advance so EFL can make the transition as smooth as possible. Customers can also request for additional or new connections to be added to the current account.

Customers will also be able to submit complaints and compliments via the portal. They can then view the status and the progress of their complaints via the portal.

Finally, if customers have a change of phone numbers or email address, they will now be able to update these details through the portal and the changes will become effective immediately.

The “Noqu FEA” portal will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week from the comforts of the customers’ homes, offices or anywhere where there is internet access. Bobby Naimawi Acting Chief Executive Officer

Bobby Naimawi
Acting Chief Executive Officer