Main Power Lines – Out of Circuit due to the inclement Weather Conditions & Normal Faults

April 06, 2016

The EFL sincerely apologizes for the power disruptions caused to our valued customers due to the prevailing weather conditions.

We had lost power supply from the Wailoa Power Station to Cunningham in Suva and Vuda in Lautoka which caused power disruptions to most parts of Viti Levu on Sunday 3rd April, 2016. These unplanned outages was due to the inclement weather conditions that we were experiencing on the day.

We were able to energise the 132,000volts main transmission line from the Wailoa Power Station to Cunningham in Suva, normalizing power supply to the affected customers in the Central Division on late Sunday night.

Unfortunately the transmission line from Wailoa to Vuda that evacuates power from the Wailoa Power Station to Vuda in Lautoka via Nadarivatu is not fully in circuit. The portion of transmission line from Wailoa to Nadarivatu is still out of circuit, which means that there is limited power generation capacity to meet the demand for our valued customers in the Western Division. Fortunately the Nadarivatu to Vuda transmission line is in circuit and we are evacuating power out of Nadarivatu Hydro Power Station.

With the available generation capacity, we have been able to prioritize and supply power to initial services such as hospitals, water and sewerage treatment plants, towns/cities, etc using the available diesel gensets in Vuda, Qeleloa & Nadi and the Nadarivatu Power Station.

Power supply to Rakiraki was from the diesel gensets in Rakiraki, but this had to turned off due to raising flood waters. Most of the Sigatoka area is supplied power from diesel gensets at the Sigatoka Power Station.

In addition to this, there are a number of 33,000Volts sub-transmission lines that have been affected and are not in circuit. They include:

Western Region:

  • Wainikasou Power Station to the Wailoa Switch Yard
  • Vuda Power Station to the Sabeto Substation in Nadi
  • Vuda Power Station to Rarawai Substation in Ba
  • Vuda Power Station to Waqadra in Nadi
  • Waqadra Substation to Qeleloa in Nadi
  • Sigatoka Power Station to Nacocolevu Substation in Sigatoka

With these sub transmission lines being out of circuit, it restricts us from transporting power to the various substations that supplies power to our customers around these locations.

Work has commenced on the Vuda to Rarawai line to restore power supply to Ba. Depending on the weather, work will commence on the remaining sub transmissions lines soon.

Likewise, in the Central Division, three of the 33,000Volts underground sub transmission lines are also out of circuit and they are:

  1. Cunningham Road Substation to the New Kinoya Power Station
  2. Cunningham Road Substation to the Vatuwaqa Substation
  3. Cunningham Road Substation to the Hibiscus Park Substation

The three underground faults in the Central Division has not affected power supply to any of our customers, but compromises reliability and security of power supply. However, our teams are working on these cables to put them back in service to ensure realiability of power supply in the greater Suva area.

Repairs to the Distribution Lines Affected by Cyclone Winston

Repair and restoration works to the distribution lines affected by Cyclone Winston has been temporaraly suspended due the weather condition and will resume once the weather improves.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused to our valued customers which is beyond our control.

Hasmukh Patel

Chief Executive Officer