Non-Subsidised Form

Fill out this Application Form if you wish to apply to receive 150 Non-Voting Shares in the capital of Energy Fiji Limited :
  • Please read the Offer Document.
  • Follow the instructions to complete this Application Form.
  • Type clearly in ENGLISH and in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • By completing and Submitting an Application, you appoint the Permanent Secretary (as defined in the Offer Document) as your attorney to execute a Master Transfer Form to effect the transfer of 150 Non-Voting Shares.

A ) Number of shares You are applying to recieve
B ) Enter the Account Holders Customer Number with EFL

Enter 7 digits/numbers without - or spaces

C ) Write the name of the Account Holder here. The Non-Voting Shares will be registered in this name

At least one full given name and surname is required

D ) Write the postal address of the Account Holder here

E ) Contact telephone number (daytime/mobile)

F ) Enter Email
G ) Bank Details

H ) Fijian Citizenship Details
Account Holder's Citizenship and Residential Details.
Please note that either one of Voter ID or Passport Number is required.
Voter ID Number
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Passport Number

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Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Enter 9 digits/numbers without - or space

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Residential Address