MR 45/2017 – Carry out Repair & Maintenance of Roofing Stucture at EFL’s Kinoya Stores Building, EFL’s Kinoya Network Building & EFL’s Navutu Stores Building, Lautoka

Energy Fiji Limited

TENDER No. MR 45/2017

To Carry Out Repair & Maintenance of:

1) Roofing Structure at FEA’s Kinoya Stores Building

2) FEA’s Kinoya Network Building

3) FEA’s Navutu Stores Building, Lautoka

The Energy Fiji Limited invites sealed to carry out repair & maintenance of:

1) Roofing structure at FEA’s Kinoya stores building

2) FEA’s Kinoya Network building

3) FEA’s Navutu Stores building, Lautoka

Interested Bidders are to meet at the various locations and date/time as stipulated in the table below for the project briefing, collection of tender documents and compulsory site visits:



Date Time Contact Person
Kinoya Stores, Suva 07/03/2017 9.00am Shifaan Ali – 999 2401
Kinoya Network Building, Suva 07/03/2017 9.40am Shifaan Ali – 999 2401
Navutu Stores Building, Lautoka 09/03/2017 10.00am Shifaan Ali – 999 2401

For information or clarification please contact our Supply Chain Office on phone (+679) 3224360 or (+679) 9991587.

The successful Bidder will be responsible for the total execution of the work, which includes transportation of all materials to the site.

This tender closes at 4:00 p.m. (16.00hrs Fiji time) on Wednesday 22nd March, 2017.

It is mandatory for bidders to submit two (2) hard copies of tenders in sealed envelopes and clearly marked as –

“Tender No. MR 45/2017 – To Carryout Repair & Maintenance of: 1) Roofing Structure at FEA’s Kinoya Stores Building; 2) FEA’s Kinoya Network Building; 3) FEA’s Navutu Stores Building, Lautoka”; addressed as follows; The Secretary – Tender Committee, Energy Fiji Limited, Private Mail Bag, Suva; or be deposited in the Tender Box located at the Energy Fiji Limited Head Office, 2 Marlow Street, Suva; by no later than the above stipulated date and time.

The bidders must ensure that their bid is inclusive of all Taxes payable under Fiji Income Tax Act and must have the most current Tax Compliance Certificate.

All late tenders, unmarked envelopes and envelopes without bidder’s name and address on the reverse will be returned to the Tenderers unopened. (Bids via e-mail or fax will not be considered)

The lowest bid will not necessarily be accepted as the successful bid.

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