Other Tariffs

Other Tariffs

This tariff is for street light customers and Institutions. Only Places of Worship (Churches, Temples and Mosques) along with Primary & Secondary Schools are classed as Institutions.

Places of worship a charged a flat rate of 34.01 cents per unit on total units consumed in a month.

Primary & Secondary Schools are charged 21.16 cents per unit for the first 200 kWh consumed and the remaining units in excess of 200kWh for the same month are charged 34.01 cents per unit.

Other Tariffs Tariff Price – VAT Exclusive
 Places of Worship  – cents per kWh per month 34.01 cents
 Primary & Secondary Schools – cents per kWh per month (The first 200kWh per month is subsidized and the Government pays 12.85 cents/unit and the customer will pay 21.16 cents/unit). 34.01 cents
Street Lights – cents per kWh per month 34.01 cents

Important Notes:

  • kWh = Kilowatt-hour, 1 kWh = 1 unit of electricity.
  • 1 month = 30.42 days
  • Prices are effective as of 1st October 2019.