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What are we doing?

Conserving Energy at Our Depots

Since 2012 EFL has adopted the use of Quality Circles within the organization.  Quality circles is basically getting a group of individuals from different departments to identify specific issues and collectively, using a systematic approach, come up with strategies to remedy these issues. Done right QC results could help improve the business’s overall competitiveness by reducing costs, improving quality and promoting innovation.

In 2013 EFL’s QC team in our Kinoya depot set out on a journey to “achieve 10% operational reduction in energy consumption in Kinoya Depot”. This not only won them the Gold Prize at the National Quality Convention but more importantly implemented strategies that reduced the operational energy consumption by 11%, which translates to $24,524.97 in dollar savings.

This has become the blueprint for EFL’s Depots around the country.

Read the Team Kinetics NCQ Presentation 2013


Renewable Energy

We aim to provide clean and affordable energy solutions to Fiji with at least 90% of the energy requirements through renewable sources by 2025. EFL has invested heavily in Renewable Energy with the Monasavu, Nadarivatu, Wainisavulevu and Wainiqeu Hydro Schemes along with the Butoni Wind Farm. However the ever increasing Demand for Energy can only be met with the addition of Diesel Generating Sets in the mix with the Renewable Initiatives.

Still EFL remains committed to its mission and continues to embark on Renewable projects with the Wainisavulevu Weir Raising Project that began in 2012. This project is scheduled to complete in 2015 and would increase the energy yield at Wainikasau Power Station by an additional 10 GWh over and above the current 21 GWh.

Click to learn more about EFL’s renewable initiatives over the years.


Sustainable Energy Industry Development Project – A Technical Assistance to the Pacific Power Association (PPA)

This World Bank funded project will be implemented by the Pacific Power Association. The objective of the project is to enhance the availability of data on Renewable Energy resources in the Pacific, enhance the ability of Pacific Island Utilities to manage renewable energy technologies, undertake capacity building in Renewable Energy and implement long term disaster risk planning.

The environmental and social development framework for the project associated with the resource mapping component of the project can be viewed at the link below:

Sustainable Energy Industry Development Project – Environment and Social Management Framework