Planned Outages


Planned Outages are scheduled power outages that are necessary for EFL to carry out critical repair or maintenance work on our power lines in a particular area. Usually customers are notified days in advance of the selected areas that will be affected by a Planned Outage.

You may use the Location search above to see if your area has been scheduled for an outage or view the full list below.

Region Area Start Time End time
SIGATOKA Whole of Kabisi, Naikeli Village, Naikeli Settlement and Vavaniqiri Village 03rd February 2022 08:35 AM 03rd February 2022 04:30 PM
NAKASI Wainibuku, Nakasi 03rd February 2022 08:00 AM 03rd February 2022 05:00 PM
SIGATOKA Whole of Bilalevu Settlement, Valley High Secondary School, Waicoba Vodafone and Digicel site, Nabitu Area, Nabitu Primary School, Nabitu Temple Area, Mavua settlement, Nasovatava Village, Nasovatava Settlement, Dreke Village, Dreke settlement, Narata Village, Rararua Village, Rukuruku District School, Rukuruku village, Nabaka Settlement, Saminilaya, Nabaka Primary School, Navidiri Settlement, Tubairata Village, Tubairata Settlement, Vunarewa village, Raunitogo Primary school, Raunitogo Settlement, Toga, Matasini Settlement, Natawatawadi Village, AOG settlement, Koronisagana Village, Sautabu, Village, Sydney Settlement, Vunaqoru Village,Rarabasaga Settlement, Naviyago Village, Koroua Village, Naviyago Village, Bemana District School, Nalebaleba Settlement, Nalebaleba Village, Tuvu Health Centre, Tuvu Village, St Teresa of Lisiuex Primary/College, Bemana Village, Tovatova Settlement,Tonuve Village, Wenewene Settlement, Nasaucoko Settlement, Nasaucoko Village, Waousi Village, Waousi Health Centre Nasivikoso Village, Vatumali Police Post, Navosa Hospital, Vatumali Government Station, Agriculture Station, Vatumali DO’s Office, Keiyasi Post Office, Vatumali Government Quarters, Rohitesh Shopping Centre, Navosa Central College, Namataku District School, Keiyasi village, Draiba Village, Ba settlement and Vatubalavu Village.

Partial Outage:
8.15am to 7.30pm and 4.15pm to 4.30pm
Samuel Vincent Road, Rasikulu Settlement, Nakalavo Village, Qing Tain Agriculture Farm, Whole of Barara Settlement, Naduri Village, Kavanagasau Area, Kavanagasau College, Kavanagasau Primary school, Kavanagasau Police Post, Yalasa, Kavanagasau Digicel and Vodafone Site, Nadrala Sangam Primary School, Nadrala Settlement, Raiwaqa Area, Raiwaqa Village, Raiwaqa Health Centre, Mavua Village, Lokuya, Naceva Settlement, Qereqere Village, Sigatoka River Safari, British Tobacco Factory, Loma Health Centre, Loma Primary School and Loma Vodafone Site.
01st February 2022 08:15 AM 01st February 2022 05:00 PM
Nadawa Whole of Tiri Road, Kadikadi Place, Kuka Place, Qari Place, Urau Place, Mana Place, Voce Road, Lumi Road, Bonu Road, Sigawale Place, Toto Place, Kai Place, Nadawa Pumping Station 1, Drivi Road, Dio Street, Part of Nadawa Road from Tiri Road Junction to Ibo Place Junction & Part of Borete Road from Nadawa Road Junction till Lairo Place Junction, Nadawa Jame Mosque.

01st February 2022 08:00 AM 01st February 2022 05:00 PM
Wailekutu- Pacific Harbour, Deuba Part of Queens Highway from Wailekutu to Pacific Harbour Deuba Nabukavesi, Uduya Point Road, CJ Patel Lami, Uduya Point Upper Road, Uduya Point Lower Road, Uduya Point Apartment, Suva Hideaway Villa, Orchid Island Cultural Centre, Bamboo Road, Huana Subdivision, Whole of Bilo Road, Vuniivi Settlement, Bilo Settlement, Delaiveisari, Whole of Muaivuso Road, Muaivuso CMF Church, Muaivuso Village, Waiqanake District School, Waiqanake Village, Nabaka Village, Namakala, Village, Chauhan Memorial School, Raamzaan Shop, Vir's Shopping Centre, Ben Naiveli Farm, Ucuinamono Settlement, Naimataga Road, Navesi Catholic Church, St Thomas Primary School, Monfort Boy's Town, Lami Kava, Naikorokoro Road, Veisari Dairy Farm, Naikorokoro Village, Togalevu Village, Fiji Naval Base Camp, Kalokolevu Village, Wainisaqasaqa Settlement, Naboro Prison Compound, Naboro ECU and K9 Unit, Naboro Nursing Station, Ro Delainamako Primary School, Naboro Assembly of God Church, Gilbertese Settlement, Naboro Landfill, Water Authority Naboro Pumping Station, Leylands Piggery, Vacoko Rehab Centre, Vacoko Settlement, Vunivutu Settlement, Navunisoco Telecom Fiji Site, Navunisoco Settlement, Fotofili Resident, Turubio Resident, Whole of South Pacific Bible College Road, Mountainview Subdivision, Wainadoi Vodafone Site, South Pacific Bible College, Wainadoi Block Factory, Fiji Searoad Services Yard, Ram Sami Poultry Farm, Whole of Wainadoi Road, Wainadoi Police Post, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Shore Buses Wainadoi Depot, Dhrush & Darsh Investment, Chevalier Training Centre, Cactus Partner Investment Limited, Imams Duck Farm, Spices and Natural Garden, Zip Line Fiji, Waikasanaura Settlement, Vivek Shop, Telecom Fiji Exchange Wainadoi, Ram Sami Poultry, Nabukavesi Digicel Site, Mohd. Ali Woodcraft, Mohd. Ali Sawmill, Dhanu Prasad Sawmill, Whole of Nabukavesi Village, Ro Camaisala Memorial School, Nabukavesi Vodafone Site, Whole of Qilai Village, Whole of Mau Village, Mau Primary School, Namosi Road, Pleass Beverage, Navatulevu Farm, Tengy Cement Factory, Samoan Settlement, RPA Group Fiji Limited, Williams & Goslings Office, Williams & Goslings Container Yard, Father Law Home, Wailekutu Road, Paranomic Road, Veisari Investment Subdivision, Choice Convenience Store, Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Church, Namuka I Lau Village, Veisari Settlement, FMF Biscuit Factory.Waidradra road, Uprising Beach Resort, Ranadi Plantation Staff quarters, Smith workshop, Ranadi Plantation, Deuba Sub Division, Prem Lotan Subdivision Makosoi, Waidradra Village, Nukuvula Sub Division, Mul Chand Sub Division, Nagar Settlement Road, Whole of Viwawa Road, Goodman Fielder Farm Viwawa, Rups Sawmill Viwawa, Whole of Nasasa Road, Nasasa Nakaulevu, Kumagai Navua, Garden of Joy, Whole of Vakabalea, Alta Subdivision Vakabalea Navua, WAF Reservoir Vakabalea, J. Fisk Vakabalea Navua, All Earth Works, Goodman Fielder Farm Vakabalea, WAF Borehole Vakabalea Navua. Narara Settlement, Fiji Pastoral Managers, Fiji Pastoral Factory,Whole of Navua Town, Praveens Grog Shop, Post Office Navua, Maxval-U supermarket, Namosi Provincial Council, Navua Technical College, Vuninokonoko Navua Town, Thompson Park Navua, Wainidivio Navua, Navua Auto Services, The Bread Box, Vinod Patel, Singh’s Grill & Pizza Place Restaurant, Sure Care pharmacy, Fone Link PTE Ltd , Agriculture Navua Office, Courts Navua, Navua Market, Navua Police station, Ministry of Fisheries Navua, Patel Food Pte Ltd, Darshan’s Complex, The Hot Bread Kitchen , Jacks of Fiji, Exotic Fiji Ltd, Duo Duo International Trading Company, Bargain Box Fiji, Subrails Furniture, Better Bargain, Jaijas Chemical & Hardware, Navua Prime Timber Pte Ltd, Navua Ayro chemicals, Pacific Feeds Pte Limited, Navua First Stop Electrical & Hardware, Yarawa Timber & Hardware Ltd, Uni Trade Supplies Ltd, Navua Corner Store, Whole of Naitonitoni road , Naitata Road, Vuninokonoko Road, Beach Road, Navua Hotel, Ben's Trading Ltd, Ram Nand Sub Division Naitata, Serua Provincial Council Sub Division, Kaiming Processing Plant Naitata Navua, Bluewater Craft, Pacific Prawn Farm Naitata, Navua Health Centre , Whole of Calia Road, Calia Settlement, Viti Corp Calia, Whole of Waiyanitu road, FNU Farm Waiyanitu, Solo Quarry Navua, Raiwaqa Area Navua, Cagilaba Area Navua, S.Fong Farm Waiyanitu, Nakavu Village, Rars Service Ltd Navua, Tokotoko Navua, Whole of Calia road Navua, Whole of Tokotoko road Navua, Tokotoko Mobil Service station, Togoru Tokotoko, Kaming Agro Naitata, Rigi Rice Mill, Qaributa Sub Division, Stone Concrete, Qaributa Sub Divison, Namelimeli Settlement, China Railway Namelimeli, Navua Hospital, Namelimeli Village. Whole of Sadro Road, Vunibau road, Wainidova Road, Naicegulevu Road, Grace Road Food Company Limited, Ministry of Waterways & Environment Irrigation Work Shop, Batinikia Navua, Waidradra Deuba, Nakaulevu Primary School, Rovadra Road, Nakaulevu Sub Division, Rovadra Road Mana Forest Navua, Tiri Villa Beach Resort, Sustainable Mahogany Industry, Mana Forest, Raith Holdings Sub Division, Grace Group Station, R.G Prasad Sawmill, Chandar Bhan Sub Division, Waikalou Sub Division, Road Krill Restaurant, Rampur College, Maharaj Buses, Grace Road Mobil Service Station, True Mart,Sunny Pizza.The Distillery Company Fiji, Cowan & Lewis (Fiji) PTY Limited, Estate Management Services Limited, Part of Makosoi Subdivision, Viti Levu Drive, Admiral Circle, Bunako Circle, Cumu Place, Daniva Place, Yatu Place, Part of Hibiscus Drive, Sevaseva Road, Malolo Place, Banda Place, Koro Place, Delakula Place, Matu Place, Kikau Place, Vomo Place, Sulua Place, Vonu Road, Bua Place, Ki Avenue, Todi Place, Tiri Place, Mala Circle, Pacific Harbour Yacht Club, Kamba Place, Lesi Place, Frangipani Place, Kura Drive, Dakua Place, Orchid Place, Yaka Place, Makita Place, Nokonoko Circle, Ogo Circle Sara Place, Walu Place, Fairway Place, Lagoon Resort, Saku Place, Tavuto Place, Great Harbour Drive, Dilo Place, Marasa Place, Wai Crescent, The Championship Golf Club Pacific Bar and Grill, Water Authority Pacific Harbour Water Treatment Plant, Water Authority Deuba Pumping Station No.3, Beqa Laggon Resort. River Drive, Yasi Circle, Vesi Circle, Part of Great Harbour Drive, Pacific Harbour Multicultural School, Kambara Place, Kasala Place, Pacific Heights Place. 30th January 2022 06:00 AM 30th January 2022 06:00 PM