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Planned Outages


Planned Outages are scheduled power outages that are necessary for EFL to carry out critical repair or maintenance work on our power lines in a particular area. Usually customers are notified days in advance of the selected areas that will be affected by a Planned Outage.

You may use the Location search above to see if your area has been scheduled for an outage or view the full list below.

Region Area Start Time End time
Chinakoti, Ba Vatusui, Kumkum, Chinakoti and Naruku. 30th May 2024 09:00 AM 30th May 2024 04:00 PM
Sigatoka Vodafone Tower, Digicel tower, Telecom Fiji Limited Tower and Energy Fiji Limited Repeater Station. 30th May 2024 09:00 AM 30th May 2024 04:30 PM
Labasa Tabia and Naduna 30th May 2024 08:00 AM 30th May 2024 04:30 PM
Waila Hookers Subdivision, Waimanu Sawmill, Sawani Sawmill, Dole Road Subdivision, Duilomaloma Road, Waila Subdivision, Waila Corbett Avenue, Waila Agriculture Subdivision, Motor Repair Services, Vuvale Medical Centre, Shankar Washup Supplies, Hamindar Singh Transport Pte Limited and Tawaketini Road. 30th May 2024 08:00 AM 30th May 2024 05:00 PM
Sawakasavou, Tailevu Whole of Dawasamu Road from Deepwater Road junction, Nakorotubu Road, Wainikavula Settlement, Nayawasara Village, Matacula Village, Vunasalusalu Settlement, Nairoro Settlement, Nukutobici Settlement, Ratu Filimoni Loco Primary School. Burerua Village, Nabulagi Settlement, Naitabale, Sawakasa Village, Waivou Dairy Farm, Namau, Water Authority Fiji Namau, Lodoni Dairy Farm, Dakuinuku Village, Naiwavoki Settlement, Waivou Dairy Farm, Lodoni. Ratu Kadavulevu Gounder Shop, Ratu Kadavulevu School, Namena Village, Namena District School, Nananu, Dogo Health Centre, Nakanacagi, Naitutu Settlement, Bulu Settlement, Waisei Settlement, Natovi Singh Navisarata, Natovi Jetty, Waivola, Saint Vincent de Paul Primary School, Digicel Tower. Natovi Catholic Mission, Kamlee Store Natovi, Burelevu, Vulagi Settlement, Lawaki Village, Queen Victoria School, Qoma Island, Delaikuku Village, Queen Victoria School Pump, Veicorocoro Settlement, Nabau, Qelekuro Village, Nasoni, Nasoni Settlement, Dranu, Gold Rock Investment, Nawaqa Settlement, Luvunavuaka, Nagigi, Waimaca, Veilolo, Delakado, Gold Rock, Nabualau, Natadradave, Driti, Vodafone Tower. Vorovoro, Veikura, Dawasamu Secondary School, Dawasamu District school, Dawasamu Police Post, Dawasamu Agriculture Station, Nataleira Village, Natalei Eco Lodge and Tours, Tacileka, Lolomalevu, Silana, Silana District School, FEA Repeater, Nasinu, Namatadamu Settlement, Burewai District School, Burewai Village, Delaiyadua, Naivoco Village, Nadogoloa Village, Nalalau Settlement. Wainivesi Farm, Naqele Village, Nayavutoka Village, Nakasi, Nabukadra Village, Verevere Village, Saioko Village, Namarai Government Station, Namarai Village, Naocobau Village and Delainakaikai Primary School. 30th May 2024 08:00 AM 30th May 2024 06:30 PM
Taveuni Lovonivonu and Bucalevu Secondary School. 30th May 2024 08:00 AM 30th May 2024 04:30 PM
Labasa Nailawa,Korowiri Tovata.

30th May 2024 08:00 AM 30th May 2024 04:30 PM
Part of Legalega Road and Naisoso Road, Nadi Part of Legalega Road, Sun Insurance Building, Specialist Private Hospital, Part of Naisoso Road, Fruit Packaging, Nature’s Way Cooperative and Fiji Airways Hangar and Office.
30th May 2024 07:00 AM 30th May 2024 06:00 PM
Natadola Waqali number two 29th May 2024 09:00 AM 29th May 2024 04:30 PM
Kennedy Part of Enamanu Road, Kennedy Road, Part of Queens Road, Saunaka Road, Saunaka Village, Ratu Nalukuya Primary School, Gounders Rental, Saunaka Mini Mart, Usmana Mini Mart, Nakavu Village, Nakavu Total Energies, Kens Shopping Centre, Hospitality Supplies, Pala’s Auto Service, Matamanoa Island Resort, Devi’s Variety Shop, Emirates Apartment, Safetech Electrical PTE Limited, Superior Construction and Plumbing, One Stop Shopping Mart, Flash Electrical, Singh Suite Apartment, Sharma Holiday Apartment, The Residence, Moosad Place, Alice Apartment, Kennedy Inn, Millbrook Hill Law Partners, Vivek Apartments, Nomas Place, Coral Sea Shipping, Orion Distribution Service, EY Building, Jack’s Construction Site, Mcdonald Restaurant, Tadra Flowers, Bethany Methodist Church, Star Pools, Pincheng Investment and Fiji Wire. 29th May 2024 09:00 AM 29th May 2024 04:30 PM
Part of Nasau Area, Nadi Part of Nasau Area and Part of Orchid Road 29th May 2024 09:00 AM 29th May 2024 04:30 PM
Kennedy Partial Outage: 9.00am to 9.30am and 4.00pm to 4.30pm
Part of Enamanu Road, Fantasy Road, Club Fiji Resort, Oasis Hotel, Five Squares, Tera Wholefoods, Harrisons Fiji, True Young, The Kidney Hub, H Private Hospital, South Pacific Relief Fund, Pasifika Apartment, Properties Pacific Limited, Industrial Subdivision, Arun Charan Subdivision and Paradise Apartment.
29th May 2024 09:00 AM 29th May 2024 04:30 PM
Nukuloa, Ba Part of Nukuloa, Vatusui, Nacaci and Toge Village. 29th May 2024 08:30 AM 29th May 2024 04:00 PM
Savusavu Vadravadra and Rava Settlement. 29th May 2024 08:30 AM 29th May 2024 04:30 PM
Makosoi Road, Deuba Makosoi Road, Makosoi Settlement, Kevi’s Shopping Center and Madhu’s Marvelous Meals. 29th May 2024 08:30 AM 29th May 2024 04:30 PM
Labasa Tabia, Bulavou District School, Navai and Nakama. 29th May 2024 08:00 AM 29th May 2024 04:30 PM
Ratu Dovi Road, Nadera Part of Ratu Dovi Road from Qarase Road junction to Nadawa Road junction. Whole of Maqbool Road, Chandraiya Road, Shardanand Street, Sharma Road, Part of Mandir Street, Rae Lane, Ganesh Sweets and Snacks, Crafty Cakes, Chennai Fashion, Safety Rentals Cars Safety Welding and Maintenance works, Triton Liquors, Triton Laws. Geeta’s Catering and Sweets, Hybrid Auto Centre Pte Limited, Motorex Vehicle Inspection, Onolau House, Singh Foodmart and Kava, Genuine Supplier Pte Limited. Rohit’s Kava Investment Limited, Nadera Seventh Day, Suva Christian Community High School, Kavi’s Store, Nexus Retailors, Factory Outlet O’BEN78 and Sai Car Rentals.

Partial Outage: 8.00am to 9.00am and 5.30pm to 6.30pm
Raj Pharmacy, Dr Sharma Medical and Diagnostic PTE Limited, Royal Motors, Titus Motor PTE Limited, Auto Mobile Diagnostics and Repair, Bambooshell Studio, Newdoor Real State, Arohi Sweets, Ice Shop and Denso Genuine Aircon Parts.
29th May 2024 08:00 AM 29th May 2024 06:30 PM
Taveuni Holy Cross Parish, Holy Cross Primary School and Holy Cross College. 29th May 2024 08:00 AM 29th May 2024 04:30 PM