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Our Current Peak Demand

Peak periods are the different times during the day when our electricity needs as a nation is at its highest. And our Peak Demand is the highest recorded energy demand during these peak periods. Fiji’s electricity needs continues to grow, especially during the peak periods.

Whilst EFL’s mission is to  focus on Renewable Energy, a significant percentage of our nations growing energy needs is being met by diesel generators. This in turn increases the cost of supplying electricity to our customers and also has an adverse impact on the environment in terms of carbon emissions.

Reducing our electricity needs reduces the strain on our existing infrastructure (generators and transmission lines), which in turn ensures the longevity of these expensive assets.

This would also mean a reduction in our fuel imports, thus making the supply of electricity more cost effective without having to burden customers with the rising fuel costs.

Here are some energy saving tips that could be helpful  for your home or for your business