Surges & Spikes

Spikes and surges in electricity supply can happen due to accidents causing line damage, weather events or even switching appliances on or off. These events can cause a sudden increase in voltage, which could damage electrical appliances or even cause a fire.

 There are three main surge protection devices:

1. Portable surge protectors

These are power boards that provide protection for all appliances plugged into them. They are simply installed by plugging them directly into any household socket, but some can only be used once and may need to be replaced after a major surge.

 2. Power point surge protectors

These upgraded power points can provide protection for areas with sensitive equipment, such as computers, printers and phone systems. The power points are best installed by electricians as they can affect the fixed wiring.

 3. Main switchboard surge protectors

These are surge protectors that provide protection to all of your appliances, as they are installed directly at the main switchboard. They need to be installed by a licensed electrical contractor.