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Domestic Subsidy

As announced by the Honorable Minister for Economy during the Government Budget presentation 2021 – 2022, EFL will implement these Government Electricity Subsidy plans effective from 1st of August 2021.
The Current (Existing) Government Electricity Subsidy Plan for Domestic Customers are for those residential customers who earn a combined household income of $30,000 or less per annum. Customers that have registered and qualify for this electricity subsidy plan, the Government subsidises 16.34 cents (VEP) per unit for their first 100 units every month.
The customer pays 17.67 cents (VEP) per unit for their first 100 units and thereafter, pay 34.01 cents (VEP) per unit for consumption beyond 100 units per month.
The customer pays the full VAT amount on their total electricity usage.
As a result of the recent Government Budget Announcement 2021-2022, the Government electricity subsidy plan will change as follows:
Effective from 1st August 2021, the Fijian Government will provide full subsidy to the Domestic Subsidised Customers for their first 100 units of electricity consumption at 34.01 cents (VEP) per unit.
The Customer, however, will only pay the VAT amount on their first 100 units of electricity consumption. Electricity consumption after the first 100 units for every month will be paid by the customer at the full domestic tariff rate, that is, 34.01 cents (VEP) per unit plus the VAT amount on total consumption.
The above Government Electricity Subsidy Plan is for 6 months effective from 1st August 2021. This subsidy plan will end on 31st January 2022.
Domestic Customers, who are already being subsidised by the Fijian Government, will automatically qualify for the new electricity subsidy plan as announced. For those Domestic Customers, who are not on this electricity subsidy plan, you will need to apply at the nearest EFL Customer Care Centre or send online application via email. The main criteria to qualify for this subsidy, one must satisfy is that their combined household income should be $30,000 or less per annum.
Please click here to download the application form.